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We’ve compiled a short overview covering the main topic areas and artwork examples available in the “Drawn to Communicate” image library. Please feel free to download it for your future reference.

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Are you looking for some images to help you make information easier to understand? Well, you’ve come to the right place. “Drawn to Communicate” has been developed with you in mind.

New Possibilities has been training people over the last 19 years to draw simple images to communicate both simple and complicated messages. We call this Graphic facilitation. A combination of images, words and colours are used to make a live record of what people are saying, as they are saying it. This may be at a:

  • person centred planning meeting
  • team meeting
  • team away day
  • keynote speeches at conferences
  • training days
  • strategic planning days.

In fact anywhere, where a group of people need to be able to listen to and understand what is being said in order to make decisions and take action.

Now we have made the images that we draw available to you, so that you can communicate more effectively with your target group in print or online.

  • produce agendas and minutes of meetings which are interesting and easier to understand
  • make reports and plans more accessible.
  • provide a visual record of the information that is being communicated.
  • bring your website to life

Bright and colourful, with energy and movement, these images will help you to communicate more effectively with everyone. We have developed versatile images of people that don’t rely on physical characteristics to portray difference. Everyone feels included and will find the drawings easy to relate to. We hope you enjoy using them.

The Library is growing and we can draw images that you need so, if you cannot find what you need in the library please contact us and tell us what item, concept or situation that you need to communicate to your group. For an agreed price we will draw the images and add them to the library for everyone to use.

When you purchase a licence you receive a lifetime membership so that you can use the images wherever and whenever you need. There is an option to purchase a DVD that will give you the complete library to date.

We chose the name for this library Drawn to Communicate by asking the opinions of a number of people. We would like to say thank you particularly to Janet Evans, John Kane and Stuart Nickolds from day services in Birmingham and Martyn Spooner Christine Spooner, Michelle Spencer, Louise Evans, Dawn Marson, Kerry Littlehales, Natasha Collier, self advocates from CASBA for helping us to make our decision.